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Chris Chilton

Timmins Lead

I am Chris Chilton from Timmins, ON. I'm currently an underground miner at the deepest mine in the world when measured from sea level. I enjoy travelling and all sports. I am married and we have one amazing little boy. I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in 2006 while studying Law and Justice in University. My CKD stabilized and was fine until the winter of 2012 when my kidneys decided to shut down. I began Peritoneal Dialysis in the spring of 2013. My story and how I became sick was talked about quite a bit at work. One man heard of my story and began asking questions about the possibility of helping or even donating. I didn't know this man at the time but I was so happy and surprised that a total stranger to me wanted to see how he could help. I gave him the information on how to get started. That's how our process began, by simply hearing someone's story. After a long road of testing and interviews, I received my kidney transplant from him on my birthday in 2014. As a result of this my wife and I soon found out that we were expecting a little boy, who is now two years old. I've decided to join TAP because I feel that this is the perfect way to give back in a small way. My donor decided to do that for me and he changed not only my life, but my wife and my entire family's life. If I'm able to have a similar impact in someone's life through this program then it is more than worth it for me. I believe everybody deserves a second chance at life and this is my way to contribute to that. chris.chilton@transplantambassadors.ca

Meet Transplant Ambassador: Chris Chilton

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