france laflamme for transplant ambassador program

France Laflamme

France is a living kidney donor. Bio coming soon.

barb steinberg for transplant ambassador program

Barb Steinberg

My journey began at age 6 with my first kidney surgery. I was then stable for many years, gave birth to three healthy, fabulous children, travelled, skied, cycled, worked full-time in a private practice, exercised, etc. and enjoyed a normal, active lifestyle. By early 2000, my lab tests indicated progressive kidney failure. More tests, more meds, a special diet.....leading to a transplant in 2005. I'm one of the lucky ones. My two brothers, along with my dear friend Peter Seligman, came forward as potential donors. Peter won the lottery and wanted the surgery before he left on a ski trip. Fortunately for me, I would have been on dialysis had my surgery happened a day or two later. Do I believe in transplants? Do I believe in donors? Do I believe in living donor transplantation? You bet I do!!!

peter seligman for transplant ambassador program

Peter Seligman

Peter was a living donor to Barb Steinberg. Bio coming soon.

sandy feilchenfeld for transplant ambassador program

Sandy Feilchenfeld

My kidney transplant story begins with my husband. After being a diabetic for over thirty years, his kidneys were beginning to fail. His nephrologist told him that within a year or so he would need to go on dialysis, unless he could find a donor. I asked if I could donate. Over the next few months, we both went through a series of tests. Luckily, I was a perfect match. So on a beautiful day in July, five years ago, I donated my kidney. It began to work right away and he felt great! Within a few weeks, we were both taking longer and longer walks. Since that time, we have enjoyed each other, many trips and spending lots of time with our six grandchildren.

Claudia Morgan for transplant ambassador program

Claudia Morgan

From a very young age, I suffered from a genetic disorder called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). This disorder caused multiple fluid filled cysts in the kidneys that painfully and slowly decreased my kidney function. After many years of battling with PKD, my kidneys eventually shut down and I was reliant on dialysis 3 times per week for 4 hours each session to sustain me. After speaking with my Nephrologist she suggested that my best chance for long term survival was a kidney transplant. I shared this news with family and friends and while several people stepped forward to be tested, unfortunately none were a match (including my mother). I became fustrated with the process and decided to share my efforts with my church. My Youth Minster instantly came up with a creative idea to reach the masses. "Let's make a video and post it to social media!" Within a week my video was posted on Facebook and within a few days it had been shared across the globe. It even went as far as Okinawa, Japan to one of our Church Missionaries, Valerie. Feeling compelled to do something, Valerie went to get tested and posted a call to action to all her fellow Christians. That very night the message touched the heart of a fellow Christian. That person was Julia (Valerie's sister), who was living in Toronto. Julia went to get tested and was a match!! On May 22,2018 Julia gave me a second chance at life and instantly became the newest member of my family. Today I give back because someone so graciously gave to me!