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Spotlight on Peter

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October 15, 2020

We're proud to introduce TAP Ambassador Peter.

Peter received his kidney transplant in August 2017 at the age of 70. His surgeon commented that it was in fact the largest kidney that he had ever implanted - and, the amazing person who gave Peter a second chance at life by registering their wishes as an organ donor had just one kidney!

Peter had his kidney transplant in London, but in his Transplant Ambassador role, you'll often find him at Grand River Hospital's Guelph renal clinic, where he delights in offering fellow patients what he calls ‘off the board’ support. For Peter, that means serving as a living, real-life, real-time transplant resource for patients who may have relied on support information found on clinic bulletin boards in the past.

Peter has loved the full circle connections he’s made as a TAP Ambassador; from meeting someone just starting out on their kidney journey, to reconnecting with them on the street after their transplant. He sees the benefit of connecting through TAP as a meaningful process, rather than just one conversation. As clinic conversations have been on hold, Peter is excited for the opportunity to connect with patients and families virtually.

He advocates that compassion and empathy, particularly toward patients, makes a huge difference in their lives and experiences. He recommends a must read on this topic - Compassionomics, by Anthony Mazzarelli & Stephen Trzeciak.

Peter welcomes connecting with patients & families at any stage of their journey. You can reach out to Peter at or call 1-833-274-3740 and ask for Peter.