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Spotlight on Jarrett

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March 9, 2021

Introducing our first Transplant Ambassador of Kidney Health Month, Jarrett!

Jarrett’s kidney journey began unexpectedly in April 2016, when he was suddenly diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. “I was an avid runner,” Jarrett recalls, “until one morning, when I just didn’t have the energy to complete my morning run.”

He consulted his family doctor, and within a few short months, began peritoneal dialysis. He continued PD for the next 16 months, and later hemodialysis, all while maintaining a busy family life and full time career. He coped as well as he could with his new normal, until receiving a new kidney from his childhood friend, Chris, with whom he'd been friends since he was 10 years old. Chris and his wife flew from Calgary to Ontario for their transplant in January 2018. “Thanks to Chris and his gift, I immediately felt better after our transplant,” Jarrett says, “and I have continued to receive excellent care from St. Joseph's Hamilton.”

Post transplant, Jarrett has been able to resume his healthy and active lifestyle, including preparing for his fourth Kidney March in Alberta this year. As a Transplant Ambassador, he delights in offering support to fellow kidney patients and their families through listening, answering questions, and sharing his own experience, as well as the resources available through TAP and St. Joseph's Hamilton.

“I look forward to doing whatever I can to improve someone else's kidney journey & experience – please feel free to reach out if you see me!”
Jarrett can be reached by phone at 1 (833) 274-3740, or email at