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Spotlight on Adele & Ralph

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September 16, 2021

As we continue to recognize Living Donation Week, we are proud to acknowledge Humber River Hospital TAP Ambassadors Adele and Ralph!

After 8 months on peritoneal dialysis, Adele received the gift of a healthy kidney from her husband, Ralph, in 2019. Their work up didn’t take long - only a few months! - due to Adele’s persistent advocacy for her transplant.

Despite their busy schedules as a school teacher and business owner, Adele and Ralph are passionately motivated to encourage and support others on their journey to receiving or donating a live kidney.

Adele’s passion for TAP comes from first hand experience. “I so wished that I’d know about TAP earlier in my journey, and I believe it could have improved my outcome and perhaps even meant that my transplant could have been preemptive,” Adele says. “After my transplant, I knew I needed to get involved as a TAP Ambassador to provide others with the invaluable support of lived experience that I didn’t have.”

Adele and Ralph, thank you for your incredible contributions to TAP and your steadfast dedication to improving the outcomes for others!

Adele can be reached at Ralph is available at You can also call 1 (833) 274-3740 and ask for Adele and/or Ralph!