roger and vickie for transplant ambassador program

Roger & Vickie Remus

Roger is a kidney transplant recipient, and Vickie is his wife and caregiver. and

geraldine stroud for transplant ambassador program

Geraldine Stroud

My kidney journey started in 1970 when I was diagnosed with 50% kidney function. In 1987 I was in kidney failure and I was preparing to start peritoneal dialysis. My sister was doing work up in preparing to give me a kidney. In January 1988, I had a kidney transplant. In 1993, a hemodialysis unit was opened in Renfew and I became a dialysis nurse. I had the opportunity of working with kidney patients. Some were pre dialysis and needing information re type of dialysis, others were needing information on transplant. I believe that with my experience talking to my patients about transplant and with my experience as a transplant recipient, I might be able to help future transplant recipients.