gord bugden for transplant ambassador program

Gord Bugden

Hi, my name is Gord Bugden and I have been married to Helena for 50 years. We have two children and two grandchildren. We reside in Peterborough, ON. I am the recipient of a kidney transplant from a living donor. I had two relatives offer a Kidney. One was my sister’s husband but, unfortunately, during the testing it was discovered he had high blood pressure and has now got it under control. The other offer was from my wife’s younger sister’s husband. After being on peritoneal dialysis for a number of months and feeling tired all the time, it was a ray of hope. My donor is 10 years younger than me and in extremely good health. After months of testing and meetings, we were found to be a highly compatible match. The doctors even commented “Are you sure you two aren’t brothers”. After a very successful transplant operation I immediately felt like a new person. It was a new lease on life. I felt better than I had in years thanks to my wonderful brother in law, Gregory Campbell. That was FEB.8, 2010 AND here we are (7 ½ years later). I wake up every day feeling terrific and I am more than grateful to him, more than any words can describe. He is healthy and says if he had 5 Kidneys he would donate them to those in need. Both of us tell the story to everyone we can and encourage them to read about and consider the idea and he wears his butterfly pin every day, which prompts discussion. My brother in law just retired from Bruce Nuclear Power and back in 2011 I sent a letter to his Human Resources Manager explaining what Greg had done for me and the successful outcome. The letter was printed in their company newsletter which was distributed to the 6000+ employees. I personally have been very fortunate and want to encourage people to consider the options available to them which is why I want to become a Transplant Ambassador.

John mcgregor for transplant ambassador program

John McGregor

In 2017, my son’s kidneys began to fail him. He needed a transplant to survive. After some rigorous testing, I fit the match as a donor. These are major surgeries and at any point I could have been ruled out or something could have happened. The key element is immediately my kidney started working in Robert and his appetite is back, his health is back, his energy is back. Three months later Robert was back playing hockey. Donating a kidney has given John the calling to give back to others going through their kidney journeys. John feels a strong desire to do more to raise awareness about the benefits of transplant, to help others trying to navigate the complex and sometimes difficult transplant path, and to let others know that they are there to help, as they’ve been there!