William C

William C

I'm Bill, a professional engineer, currently retired, and I had a very enjoyable career which spanned 45 years.

My kidney issues are the result of an auto immune condition which started 26 years ago. It caused vasaculitis which badly damaged the kidneys. I have worked very hard to maintain as much function through diet, medications and exercise, but my kidney function is has been lowered to 16%. I hope to delay dialysis as much as possible but have to face the fact that, without a transplant, dialysis is in my future. My wife and I are committed to continuing to live a healthy lifestyle as we have for many years.

My general health is good so I could greatly benefit from a transplanted kidney. My wife and I have enjoyed travel but feel restricted now with my condition. We would like to be able to continue travel and spending time with our children and grandchildren. We enjoy walking, gardening and maintaining our older home which requires a lot of attention.

I would appreciate anyone who might want to reach out to me to learn more about becoming a kidney donor.

St Catharines, ON

Age: 79

Blood Type: O

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: vasculitis caused by an auto immune condition known as GPA

Current kidney function: Chronic Kidney Disease