I am suffering from end-stage kidney failure. For the past four years, I have been connected to dialysis machines 3x per week for four hours to clean my blood.

I went to university in Zimbabwe, where I qualified as a doctor. I have also worked in real estate development. Following political change, we moved from Southern Africa to Ontario 20 years ago. Before I got sick, I enjoyed travelling. Because I'm on dialysis every couple of days, I haven't seen my family overseas in years.

I am a huge Manchester United football fan and a supporter of the Australian National cricket team

Please share this with anyone you know who might be willing to help. We will need someone brave and generous to give the gift of life.

Thank you so much to anyone who applies and spreads the word. We are all deeply grateful to you.

Toronto , On

Age: 64

Blood Type: B

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: Chronic Diabetes

Current kidney function: Kidney failure