Stuart C

Stuart C

Father from Burntisland, Fife and Mum from Harrogate, Yorkshire. Dad joined the RAF and that's how they met.
During the 60's, Dad's service took us to Aden and Cyprus. In between we had 6 stable and happy years in Northumberland. When my family was in Cyprus, I was sent to a Military boarding school in Scotland. That was formative and my school friends became my lifelong friends.
At 18, I emigrated to Canada to join HBC and worked in the Northern Stores. I met Fran, who was teaching Cree kids in Kashechewan. In 1974 we were married, then moved to Scotland where our three kids were born. In 1985, we moved back to Ontario and have lived in Hamilton ever since.

I've been an Educational Assistant since 1995 and a member of my School Board's Autism Team since 2011. This has been my life's most challenging and gratifying work. We now have 4 grandkids, who give us "quadrupled joy". We're forever out in Hamilton's Parks. At home, it's been playdough, peekaboo and Lego; Caillou, Raffi, singing, dancing and tomfoolery.

Me? I'm into The Beatles and Wings, Elton, Queen and ELO; Woody and Arlo Guthrie, CSN&Y, S&G, Dylan and Joan Baez: Lightfoot, Cohen, Joni and kd Lang.

I like poetry, Shakespeare, Dickens and Steinbeck; PBS, Planet Earth, Ken Burns and BritBox; Please Sir, Little Big Man, The Book Thief and 007.
I enjoy music festivals, Scrabble, watching rugby, trail walks and travel.

I'm talkative, yet pensive; value friendship and dislike "Goodbyes."

Hamilton, Ontario

Age: 67

Blood Type: A+

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: My kidney damage was caused by the treatment of my bipolar condition with lithium carbonate from 1979 to 2007

Current kidney function: Chronic Kidney failure; expecting to start dialysis soon