Roy M

Roy M

My name is Roy and my journey began 3 years ago. I had a minor stroke and then my brain swelled and needed brain surgery. This happened on Easter Sunday in 2000. I was recovering very well and then I fell in the washroom because my balance was still not where it should be. Thanksgiving 2022, I noticed I couldn’t pee and my ankles were swollen. I was vomiting a lot and didn’t feel right at all.

I went to Sunnybrook and was told I had kidney failure and needed dialysis. I am still on dialysis and it is very difficult. I pray everyday and night for a kidney and I know my wish will come true. I’m not giving up!

I am hopeful that a living kidney donor will come forward so I can get off of dialysis and back to a normal life. If you have considered becoming a living donor, please reach out to me.

North York , Ontario

Age: 63

Blood Type: O Positive

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Current kidney function: Currently on dialysis