Renee A

Renee A

I like to think of myself as otherwise healthy. However, I was diagnosed with PKD in my 30's resulting in kidney failure in 2020. I started home dialysis three times a week in July 2021 so I'm fairly new at this. It's been a huge adjustment to say the least. I am still working full-time with the flexibility to work from home on the days I do my treatment, an option that I know I am fortunate to have. I live alone and for the most part and am on this journey with only myself to depend on.

Overall, I try to remain positive and not let kidney disease define me. Who am I? I remain a strong community builder, advocate for my Indigenous culture, a dedicated mom, sister, aunty and loyal friend. I also continue to support the development of a small Indigenous publishing company that I have been involved in since 2000. With a strong will to overcome this disease, continue serving my community and a desire to travel once again, I am hopeful that a kidney donor will come forward in the near future but will trust whatever the Creator has planned for my path.

If you are interested in becoming a kidney donor please reach out to me directly or to Peggy Kittmer at the London Living Kidney Donor Team at or 519.685.8500 ext. 33552.

Owen Sound, Ontario

Age: 64

Blood Type: o+

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: PKD - Polycystic Kidney Disease

Current kidney function: On Dialysis