Penny P

Penny P

Hi, I’ve been married 48 years to someone I have known since Grade 5 and we have a 37 year old daughter and our first grandchild, a granson who will be 2 in September and is our heart. I’ve lived with kidney disease for 37 years and then Covid hit and unfortunately they believe my undiagnosed Covid hit my kidneys and that was the beginning of severe kidney failure and dialysis.

I have no siblings to donate as they have all passed away. My hubby is diabetic and our daughter has Crohns. As for nieces and nephews they are in their late 40s' or 50s' and have their own medical issues. I like to think I’m a very kind, easy going person, the type that, as my daughter says, “If you run into her out anywhere, she'll there talking to a total stranger.”

I love to do word games, bake, do preserves, read and just try to take one day at a time. I'm thankful for the little things, and believe in the philosophy “no expectations, no disappointments.

I would love to find a living donor, but if it is to be it will be. I just want to be able to see my Grandson grow up and be there for my daughter and husband who are my everything.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I want to personally thank you with heartfelt gratitude for considering being an organ donor for someone in need.

If you are interested in being a kidney donor, please contact me or the Ottawa Living Kidney Donor Program Riverside Campus 613-738-8400 Ext. 82719 Fax 613-738-8403

Ottawa, Ontario

Age: 67

Blood Type: A

Reason for kidney failure: Detected during pregnancy cause unknown

Current kidney function: On Dialysis