Lucille A

Lucille A

Booshoo, Wachiye!
My name is Lucille Atlookan. I am a Two Spirit Anishinaabe artist from Eabametoong First Nation, also known as Fort Hope, ON. I grew up on the reserve then I moved to Thunder Bay to access medical health care and education. I’m the middle child of 5. I take care of two younger siblings. As a Two Spirit person, it means that I’m claiming to be Indigenous because I am. I like to explore my cultural identity through art, and I believe we use art as a healing tool. I also like to play around with mediums because its fun!

I’m a founder of Neechee Studio, a free art and culture program for Indigenous youth in Thunder Bay, ON. I hold space for Indigenous youth who come together to bring these free art and culture workshops, at least once a month in spaces that are hard to access. I advocate for safer spaces for Indigenous youth, and raise awareness of cultural appropriation. I’m also a co-founder of Niizhaayek Alliance, a collective of Indigenous Two Spirit and Indigiqueer youth who bring monthly podcasts about identity and other things we can address.

I graduated from Lakehead University with an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2021. I work with Neechee Studio, Niizhaayek Alliance and a child & family agency. I would like to go back to school for business. It just makes sense to take it as it will help me with my art practice. As for family, I am close with my family. I am the middle child of 5 and I take care of two younger siblings, who help me when I’m sick.

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Age: 32

Blood Type: A+