Louis Victor (Vic)

Louis Victor (Vic)

Hi, I'm Vic and I am in dire need of a kidney. I’ve been struggling with end stage kidney failure for years and have been on dialysis for close to three years. I once was a very active man who went to the gym four days a week, golfed, hiked and curled. I was always looking for an adventure and my wife and I loved to travel. Traveling is very difficult to manage on dialysis. Now it takes me a full day just to mow my lawn and another day to rest up from it.

I have been actively looking for a transplant for several years, even before dialysis. My wife, two brothers and another donor came forward to donate but none of them were deemed to be acceptable donors because of other health conditions. I am hoping for a transplant soon so I can get back to my usual active self, enjoy the things that make me happy, and live a full life once again.

If you are considering becoming a living kidney donor, please reach out to me or contact the donor nurse coordinator at St. Paul’s Hospital at 604-806-9027 (1-877-922-9822) or

Kamloops, BC

Age: 65+

Blood Type: B+

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: Uncontrolled high blood pressure when I was a young man.

Current kidney function: On dialysis