Liz C

Liz C

Three years ago, before dialysis.
Before that I was very adventurous, I lived to be outside. Always near water, it was my happy place.
My home was outside in nature, playing in rapids, exploring underwater caves, scuba diving in the Caribbean.
Spontaneous road trips, carefree afternoon naps In my hammock.
The warm sun on my skin after being in the ice cold water all day.
Waking up early on canoe trips.
Exploring new places, making lunch on crown land, racing the waves up the shore as they crash on the beach all around me.
Sailing a catamaran in Cuba.
Snorkeling, in awe of every creature passing by.
The weightless of floating through the water, the luxury of sunsets.
Now I must calculate 8+ hours into every day for dialysis.
No more canoe trips in Algonquin Park.
Life support requires electricity and sterile environments.
No more summer days at the dock, if my dialysis site gets wet I risk a life threatening infection.
I can’t count the number of things a kidney transplant would allow me the freedom to do again.

Fenelon Falls , Ontario

Age: 32

Blood Type: O

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: I have Lupus, my immune system overreacted and attacked my kidneys

Current kidney function: I am in kidney failure on dialysis