Kyle W

Kyle W

I live and work remotely in Oakville, Ontario. My mom and I both live together as she helps me with my health challenges. I also have three siblings one of whom is in the living donor exchange program with me as we wait for a possible kidney match. I have a more rare blood type so I could be waiting a long time to find a match in the paired exchange program which is why I am posting my profile here.. Dialysis is very difficult and the longer I wait on dialysis the more my health declines. I am young and hopeful I can return to a healthy life with a kidney transplant.

I work from home as a billing specialist and travel three times a week to Oakville Hospital for hemodialysis. Most of my hobbies I do from home as I can’t be around crowds of people due to my condition. I enjoy cooking, Diareading, art, painting, collecting crystals, digital photography, VR gaming, and watching Netflix. I was born with umbilical asphyxia which caused renal thrombosis and my kidneys were failing until I was almost 11 years old in 1994 when I had my first kidney transplant.

My dad donated his kidney to me and it lasted 27 years. I’ve been on hemodialysis for just over a year as I wait for a second kidney transplant.

Thank you for considering kidney donation.

Oakville , Ontario

Age: 39

Blood Type: B-

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: Failed kidney transplant after 27 years

Current kidney function: Renal failure; on hemodialysis