Kelly K

Kelly K

I am a wife of 26 years and a mom to three beautiful daughters. I’m an empty nester that’s on medical leave after a 25 year career in the public education system, due to my kidney disease. We live on a farm in a small Alberta community.

We love to travel, camp, visit family out of the province, be near water of any sort and try new things in new places. Being on dialysis has severely affected our freedom and quality of life by our standards. Having to be tied to home so much causes stress and anxiety. At a time in our lives where we could be enjoying our time after many years of working, we are in limbo. It is a burden that my whole family is carrying, not just me.

We have been searching for a living donor or paired exchange partner for several years. I have had numerous people try to help but the fact that I have 100% antibody sensitivity is proving the search to be very difficult. It’s going to take a very special match to work for me. This makes my anxiety flare sometimes and optimism to waiver. I do know however that I must continue to be positive to help my chances.

Mannville, AB

Age: 48

Blood Type: A+

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: Polycystic Kidney Disease

Current kidney function: I am at a GFR of around 10%. Have been on dialysis for 26 months. Have struggles with getting a good dialysis run/system so that I don’t feel terrible everyday.