I am only 30 years old and I have been living with kidney failure since I was about 10. My Dad gave me his kidney back in 2004 and all my other family members are unable to donate, due to other medical conditions. My experience with kidney disease has given me the direction to explore a career in healthcare in particular a career in pharmacy. Today, I am a registered Pharmacy Technician with an amazing job in oncology. However, due to my kidney failure and now needing full time dialysis I have had to take a medical leave from my job, which has been really difficult, after working so hard to achieve my goals.

Outside of my job, I love driving around in my Mini Cooper listening to old soul music. Anything from blues music to soul/R&B. I have named my wonderful little pug after my all time favourite soul singer, Otis Redding. My dog and I spend a lot of time together since I’ve been on dialysis and spending a lot of time at home. I would love the chance to continue on with my life and start a family. Which won't be able to happen without the generous donations made organ donors.

Calgary, Alberta

Age: 30

Blood Type: O-

Reason for kidney failure: I was diagnosed with Glomerulonephritis at the age of 10, had my first transplant from my dad at 11 years old. It has unfortunately run it’s course and gave me a great 17 years of life.