Jason R

Jason R

My sister donated a kidney to me in 2000 that lasted 19.5 yrs!

I have been on dialysis a second time since 2019. I host my own dance music radio show on Stouffville's community radio station. andddd help produce Freshwaves on the community radio station. Prior to my latest kidney failure I was an active volunteer in my community and won a "Citizen of Character" award for my service in my community.

A kidney transplant would give me the freedom to live my life. I would love to get a job to support myself and save up to go on a trip to a place I have never been to in the world ! It would give me the opportunity to have the time and energy to volunteer in my community!

If you have ever considered being a living kidney donor, I'd welcome the chance to connect.

Toronto, ON

Age: 46

Blood Type: A Positive

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: Hydronephrosis

Current kidney function: 4% kidney function left and on dialysis