Gagandeep D

Gagandeep D

I am a happy, positive, and loving single mom to a beautiful daughter who just turned 11. I have been raising my little girl all by myself with the help of my parents and siblings since she was 3. I work as a Registered Early Childhood Educator with school age children. My colleagues are accommodating and helpful, but I get tired easily.

My daughter is a very loving, creative and caring girl. She enjoys playing soccer and basketball but often when she asks me to play with her, I have to tell her I feel tired and can’t run. She always understands and never complains but I know she wishes I could play with her more. As a single mother, I feel even more sadness that I can’t give my best to my daughter due to my health.

Getting a transplant will give me a new life and allow me to do all the things I can’t do right now for my daughter. I worry a lot about how my daughter cope will if something happens to me. I am O+ blood group, which generally has longest wait time for deceased kidney donation.

Getting a kidney from living donor is nothing short than a miracle for me. If you are interested in being a kidney donor, please reach out to me.

Brampton, ON

Age: 39

Blood Type: O+

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: IGA nephropathy

Current kidney function: On dialysis for 10 hours every night