Cynthia P

Cynthia P

My husband and I can't wait to get back to a "normal" life with no restrictions. We love to travel and camp and hang out with our families. We always have our 2 dogs in tow. I've worked as a registered nurse for 7 years, until this year when the effects of kidney disease and dialysis (started in 2020) forced me to take a break. Once I have my transplant I look forward to returning to work and living my best life!

If you are considering becoming a living kidney donor, please reach out to me directly or contact the living donor team in Edmonton at 1-780-407-8698 or toll free

Red Deer, AB

Age: 36

Blood Type: A+

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: MPGN ll

Current kidney function: On Dialysis