Barbara M

Barbara M

In 2019 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease, and shortly after that, I started dialysis. Dialysis helps my body do the job my kidneys are supposed to do but a transplant would offer me the opportunity to live a longer, healthier, more normal life. I would not have a daily struggle to get up and do things like have a shower, go for a walk or even grocery shop. It would also give me more time to do the things I enjoy most, like spending time with family and friends as well as keeping up with my five grandchildren. I would also love to be able to travel again; going back to Mexico is something that I look forward to doing one day.

If you can help, please reach out to me directly, or contact the Southern Alberta Transplant Program Living Donor Program in Calgary at 403-944-4635.

Calgary, Alberta

Age: 62

Blood Type: A