Amelia S

Amelia S

I am a young 38 year old woman, and I had a sudden and complete kidney failure in Feb. 2023, without any warning. I immediately started on lifesaving dialysis and now recieve dialysis 3 days per week. I have a central venous catheter for dialysis which can't get wet, and this makes showering difficult and means I can no longer swim or take baths.

I had been working full time in an office setting, and had to decrease to part time to accommodate the dialysis treatment schedule. My job is very important and meaningful to me, and I would love to get back to full time work, which will be possible with a kidney transplant.

I'm a friendly and social person, and share an apartment with a roommate. I miss being able to spend time with family, as I am close with my parents and sister. A kidney transplant would allow me to go off dialysis and be able to see my family and friends more regularly again.

I like to relax with word games, puzzles, and watching food shows. I also have a life-long love of horses!

Toronto, Ontario

Age: 38

Blood Type: A Positive

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: Possibly related to an autoimmune condition.

Current kidney function: On dialysis