william federchuk for transplant ambassador program

William Federchuk

My name is William Federchuk. I am a 65-year-old retired gentleman happily married for 42 years to my wife Debra and together we have one 31-year-old son Scott. After a combined working career in private and government sectors of 47 years I now love retirement. I learned I was a candidate for end stage renal failure at the age of 33. Before that I was aware that there was a 50 % chance of this happening as my father had hereditary end stage renal failure named “Alport Syndrome”. As this is a hereditary disease, my son is currently being monitored for end stage renal failure as well. In December of 1995 I started hemodialysis at Health Sciences North in Sudbury and started the process for a kidney transplant. In May of 1998 I received a kidney transplant in London Ontario. The kidney was received from a cadaver and worked well for 13 1/2 years. In December of 2011 I returned to Health Sciences North for hemodialysis. Before starting the hemodialysis, the process was started again for a second kidney transplant. In September of 2014 I received my second transplant in London Ontario. Again, the kidney was from a cadaver. In 2015, I was approached by my social worker to become a mentor. I agreed to give it a try and I have been actively mentoring monthly since then. Again, my social worker called and inquired if I would be interested in being a participant in the “Quality Improvement” team as a “Transplant Ambassador”. I of course consented and am now involved with this program today. I find these new adventures interesting and I like being involved to share my experiences with people who are just finding out about their end stage renal failure.

robert johnston for transplant ambassador program

Robert Johnston

I am a 52 year old male who has suffered with Diabetes for 38 years. I have had over 22 operations, a lower left leg amputation and a kidney transplant in 2015. Before my transplant I was a very tired sick man for the last 30 years, but since my transplant I have more energy than a 20 year old. I also missed dialysis by 3 days and that is why I pay it forward. In 2013, I adopted a boy, lost my leg, found out I needed a kidney transplant. The best medication on the market was to stay positive and let me tell you, life has never been so great. Especially today, watching my son grow up, you must fight for what you want in life and one day you will be rewarded.