Transplant Ambassadors can provide details about their own transplant experience. Some of our top transplant tips are below.


  1. Have a good pillow to hold against your belly post-transplant. It makes car rides, walking and coughing much easier!
    - Lawrence, recipient
  2. Ask lots of questions!
    - William, recipient
  3. Take control of your situation and be your own champion.
    - Michelle, donor
  4. Become well informed. There is no such thing as too many questions.
    - Caroline, recipient
  5. Do it from the heart.
    - France, donor
  6. Start making a plan of what you want to achieve post transplant with your new life!
    - Linda, recipient
  7. Share this blessing with others. Tell your story of hope.
    - John, recipient
  8. If you don’t like the answers, ask someone else!
    - Cindy, donor
  9. If someone offers to be your donor, say YES!
    - Marian, donor
  10. Kidney disease can be a whirlwind and it can be emotional. Look into grief counselling for support if you feel you need help.
    - Candice, recipient
  11. Get as in shape and as healthy as you can before you donate or receive the kidney.
    - Barb, recipient
  12. Ask the gross questions too! What happens when a catheter comes out? What is it like to pee?
    - Michelle, donor
  13. Go into the transplant journey with an open mind.
    - Roger, recipient
  14. Do what your doctors tell you to do. Take your meds when they are prescribed and take them on time. It’s as easy as setting an alarm on your cell phone.
    - Candice, recipient
  15. Stay strong. Stay positive. Never give up. There will no doubt be hard days, there will be good days too.
    - Susan, recipient
  16. It can be hard but you can do this! There are people out there who have been through it who can help you go through it as well!
    - TAP Team

You are not alone! Reach out and talk to someone who understands. Kidney donors and recipients have joined the Transplant Ambassador Program because they want to help you. If you or your donor wish to speak with someone who has been a recipient or donor, contact the Transplant Ambassador Program anytime by phone at 1-833-274-3740 or email at to talk or meet face to face.