lawrence gellar for transplant ambassador program

Lawrence Gellar

During the winter and spring of 2008 I was feeling less energetic than usual and thought that it might simply be that I am getting older. I had had a medical examination in December 2007 and, aside from slightly rising blood pressure there was nothing of note. My wife knowing the lack of energy was unusual for me insisted that I get a second opinion and at that time we discovered that I was in acute renal and cardiac failure and I was admitted to St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto for treatment. Within a few days I had peritoneal dialysis tubes inserted into my abdomen and I was being trained to do nightly, home, peritoneal dialysis. The next several months saw a rapid deterioration in my health and it was strongly suggested that I attempt to find a Living Donor. Although many had offered to be tested, it seemed that none followed up. Fortunately my wife if both very strong willed and we share a blood type and she began the Donor work-up process. On March 31, 2009 my wife's left kidney was transplanted into my abdomen, freeing me from the need to continue on dialysis.

jason kroft for transplant ambassador program

Jason Kroft

My name is Jason Kroft. I am happily married to Marci for over 20 years and I have two wonderful daughters Harper (age 15) and Sloane (age 3). I was diagnosed with progressive kidney disease as a toddler. I received excellent care initially at Sick Kid’s Hospital and later at Sunnybrook. The doctors, nurses and other health professionals I met over the years were so kind and caring. The main goal was to prolong my kidney function as long as possible. It became clear that I would need medical intervention in my mid 20s. My doctor presented the option of having a kidney transplant right away and skipping dialysis. My mom jumped at the opportunity to give me her kidney. She had been my health advocate, caregiver, supporter and champion from the very early days of my kidney diagnosis and she wanted naturally to be there to give me the Second Gift of Life. I received my kidney transplant at St. Mike’s Hospital on September 12, 2000. I recently celebrated my 18th Kidney-versary. My wife, kids and I are forever grateful to my mom for her loving gift to me and to the doctors and nurses at St. Michael’s hospital where the surgery was performed and where I receive continued monitoring. I believe my kidney disease had given me a profound appreciation for life and a strong wish to give back. I am so happy to be able to play a role in the Transplant Ambassadors Program and to share my insights and experiences with others.

priyanka thavarajah for transplant ambassador program

Priyanka Thavarajah

Priyanka is a living donor to her brother. Bio coming soon.

donna rudnicki for transplant ambassador program

Donna Rudnicki

Donna is a kidney recipient. Bio coming soon.

julia bezubiak for transplant ambassador program

Julia Bezubiak

Julia is a kidney recipient. Bio coming soon.

judy mcdougall for transplant ambassador program

Judy McDougall

Donna is a kidney donor. Bio coming soon.