Noel B

Noel B

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 50-years. In 1992, my Endocrinologist had said give or take five-years and I'd be on dialysis. Well, here I am, 30-years later and I just started peritoneal dialysis. This May, I was hospitalized for chest pain because of fluid build up around my heart, which was caused by renal failure. My EFGR was down to 12. My first hemodialysis treatment was pretty daunting, but I made it through. Since then I’ve had a number of treatments and recently started peritoneal dialysis.

My wife and I were born and lived in Edmonton. We packed up our home, lock stock and barrel in June 2017. We packed our RV and two fur-babies and moved to Nanaimo. We built our new home over the last 3 years and my wife has been landscaping and re-landscaping our yard. I am now on disability pension, and my wife quit her position to be my caregiver. I’m hoping for a transplant while I’m healthy enough for surgery. It would improve my overall health and outlook on my life tremendously. I would be able to enjoy my senior years, and sightsee this beautiful island without being regularly hooked up to a machine. I could be more active, go on hikes with my wife and our twin labs. Plus, I wouldn't be limited to 1-litre of liquid per day, which I find the hardest part of dialysis.

If you can help please contact me directly, or Andrea at Vancouver General Hospital at (604) 875-5182 ext. 20514

Nanaimo, BC

Age: 59

Blood Type: A+

Currently in active transplant status looking for a donor.

Reason for kidney failure: Diabetic renal failure

Curent kidney function: Peritoneal Dialysis